PowerChina Jiangxi Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as “JEPCC”) was founded in 1958, is a central government-owned enterprise affiliated to POWERCHINA.

As a large state-owned company focusing on clean energy development and environment protection, JEPCC offers a wide range...Read more >>

  • Headquarter

    Contacts:徐娜 Rina Xu Email:jepcc_intl@jepcc.com Tel:0791-88456985

  • Asia-Pacific Center

    Contacts:陈志辉 CHEN Zhihui Email:chenzh@jepcc.com

  • Eurasia Center

    Contacts:万侠斌 WAN Xiabin Email:wanxb@jepcc.com

  • Middle East and North Africa Center

    Contacts:李刚 LI Gang Email:jackie.lee@jepcc.com

  • Africa Center

    Contacts:胡毛仔 HU Maozai Email:jepcc_mozambique@163.com

  • Americas Center

    Contacts:熊泽坤 XIONG Zekun Email:xiongzk@jepcc.com

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